How to Know If Someone Has Deleted their Discord?

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Discord is a great app that allows users to find like-minded friends. It is fairly common for some users to develop deep bonds with their fellow server members. If these friends drop off the map and can’t be found on Discord, things can feel pretty distressing.

You start thinking, has this friend blocked you on Discord? Have they unfriended you? Or have they deleted their account?

What Happens When Someone Deletes their Account?

When someone deletes their account, you notice that their username has changed. Instead of the username looking like ‘funandgames#9902,’ it will look like ‘DeletedUser#000’ or ‘DeletedUser#9182.’

Deleted User#0000

This typically means two things:

  • The user has manually deleted their account because they no longer wish to use the platform.
  • Discord has deleted the account because the user has violated the terms of the platform and warrants deletion.

If you can’t see the user in the mutual but can directly message them on Discord, it means they have either left the server or have been kicked out of it.

Check your friend’s list to see if your friend’s username is visible. The friend’s username will also not appear in the ‘mutual connections’ list when you’re talking with someone who had the same connection.

What if the User Disables their Account?

When a user wishes to stop using Discord, they have two options. They can either ‘delete a Discord account’ or ‘disable a Discord account.‘ Outside of Discord, no one but the user has the ability or authority to delete or disable a person’s account. The two options appear below in the mobile and desktop app under the ‘My Account’ tab.

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Desktop app
Mobile app

When a person deletes an account, they have a 30-day window to recover it, after which they can’t use it anymore. However, if a user disables their account, they can revive it at any time when they want to get back onto Discord and don’t wish to go through the hassle of creating a new account.

What About the Discord Deleted User Prank?

Some users like to prank their mutuals and server buddies with a deleted user prank. They change their username as it appears on the server to ‘DeletedUser’ with the hope of fooling people.

However, the unique identifying number that is connected to the user is still visible to all. This identifying number is assigned by Discord after someone creates an account. Even if you change your username or server nickname, the number won’t change.

When someone deletes an account, Discord makes sure that the comments, uploads, and even the deleted user name can’t be connected back to the former user. That means you won’t see the unique identifying number on the deleted user profile. It will either have ‘0000’ or some random string of numbers generated by the application.

What About the Deleted User’s Comments?

The deleted user’s comments are still visible on the server or in the DMs. Discord doesn’t remove them along with the user’s account. You can search the DM or server for particular comments or pieces of media.

However, users have the option to contact Discord support to request the removal of all their content from their platform. If your friend chooses to take that step, no trace of their previous activities will appear on the application.

However, you can still reach out to them on other platforms or through email. It is always a good idea to keep alternate contact details of close friends so that you don’t lose track of them.

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If you want to know more about Discord’s various services, consider exploring our Discord category. We attempt to answer common questions associated with the platform so that you can have a better experience with it.

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