Can you use Notion offline?

In simple words, yes you can use notion offline. However, you cannot use it efficiently if not connected to the internet making it extremely troublesome to use Notion. Although, Notion can still be used without any internet connection with certain limitations like not being able to save the whole data or open previously unloaded pages.

In this blog, we will look at the possible limitations and find an alternate option if any is available.

How to use Notion offline?

As a user, you must understand that Notion being a completely web-based application and requires a constant internet connection.

Start by preloading the pages when you have internet available. Ensure that all the resources have been loaded and do not close the tab at any point while working.

Now wait for the “offline” tag to appear on the Notion page, this means your device is offline now on your desktop version.

On your Android device start by editing the data on the offline page and remember to sync the data once the connection is back. If the internet isn’t available at the time do not close the offline page.

What are some major challenges experienced while working on Offline Notion?

Notion claims that the offline mode works fine which is indeed true however, there are instances when the users have lost some percentage of their data and have not been able to utilize all the features at their best, especially while working with multiple people.

💡 Notion is constantly working on solving every possible issue and soon it is expected to work more efficiently. We recommend using the Notion Pro version to experience all its features under a single app without having to import from other unlicensed sources.

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Does Notion work in offline mode?

Yes, Notion works smoothly in offline mode however, the files remain un-synced throughout the work leading to loss of data.

How not to lose data while on offline Notion mode?

You will have to save all your data online before exiting the Notion page you have worked on offline, otherwise, the data will be lost forever.

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