Does Discord Notify When You Unfriend Someone?

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Sometimes you just want to cut ties with someone but you don’t want to upset them. Many Discord users keep other users on their friends list even after they have cut ties and don’t want to speak with them. They do this because they fear that the app will notify the other user that they have been unfriended. 

Does Discord Notify When You have Unfriended Someone?

The short answer is no. Discord doesn’t notify users when someone unfriends them. Most users won’t even notice it has happened if they’re not in contact with the person often and have a long friends list. Unfriending someone isn’t the same as blocking someone so you will still be able to communicate with them and see the DM conversations you have had in the past. 

Is There Any Way to Know?

The only way to know whether someone has unfriended you is to look at your friend’s list. If that person is absent from the friend list, they haven’t been friended. It is quite common for people to just forget to add someone to their friend’s list so an absence doesn’t necessarily mean they have unfriended you. You can find the friend’s list by:

  1. Clicking the Discord icon at the top of the page.
(The Discord icon on the desktop app.)
  1. Clicking on the Friends tab on the page. 
(The friends tab on the desktop app.)

You should find the list of friends and can choose to see who are online, which friends requests are still pending, who are blocked, etc. 

(The friends page on the Discord App.)

So, if you’re wondering whether someone will be notified if you have unfriended them, don’t worry. Discord doesn’t alert users of such things. Discord doesn’t even notify users if they have been blocked by someone. 

If you have questions like these or want to know more about Discord’s various features, don’t hesitate to explore our Discord category today!

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