Why Can’t i see who viewed my featured photos on facebook?

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Why can’t i see who viewed my featured photos on facebook 2022. We explain how to find out who has viewed them.

Featured Photos are a small introduction to your profile. The collection consists of select photographs, clips, and stories that anyone can see, whether they are your friend or not. It is possible to make this collection private so that it can only be seen by friends or hide it completely.

But how do you know who has seen your featured photos? Social media users are always curious and want to know what kind of engagement their profile gets. Fortunately, finding who has seen your featured photos is very easy.

How to See Who Has Viewed my Featured Photos on Facebook – 8 Steps

The option is available directly on your Featured Photos option. Here is a look at the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Log on to Facebook on your mobile app.

Step 2. Go directly to your profile page and scroll down.

Step 3. You should be able to find the Featured Collections right under your header and profile picture. They will be visible underneath your ‘About’ Section.

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Step 4. Tap on one of your Featured Collections.

Step 5. You will see a list of viewers at the bottom of your screen. Only a couple of viewers will be visible at first.

Step 6. Click on the arrow (^) to see the expanded list of viewers. The app will take you directly to the insights page.

Step 7. The first thing you see will be your ‘Viewers.’ These viewers are people who have seen your featured photos and are on your friends list.

Step 8. At the bottom left of your insights page, you will notice a link with ‘Others’ and a number written next to it. The number indicates the number of people who have seen your featured photographs but aren’t your friends on Facebook. These views are anonymous so you won’t be able to see their names or access their Facebook profiles.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to check who has seen your featured photos on Facebook. If you want to learn more Facebook tricks, explore our Facebook category thoroughly. We try to answer even the most obscure questions on your website.

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