Top 5 Pinterest 2022 Trends to Explore

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Pinterest is a very popular social media platform with over 430 million monthly active users. The number of people on there has been steadily rising since 2018, which highlights the growing influence of the platform.

Pinterest is a wonderful visual discovery platform that allows people to find new things in different niches through pinned images, GIFs, infographics, and even short videos. 

Top Pinterest 2022 Trends

Like all social media platforms, trends and patterns play an important role. If you’re a business and want to capitalize on the popularity of Pinterest, it is important to understand these trends. Fortunately, you can find a lot of information on Pinterest trends thanks to the Pinterest Predicts report.

The social media platform has a great track record of getting around 80% of its predictions right. Here’s a look at the top trends to consider:

1. Top Beauty Trends

Beauty is always a popular category in visual mediums. It is a category that thrives on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok so it’s no surprise that Pinterest Predicts this category will thrive in 2022 as well. The top beauty trends on Pinterest are likely to be:

  1. Creative and unique body jewelry ideas. Users this year will explore options beyond earrings, finger rings, and necklaces. We’re talking about dermal piercings, tooth gems, pedicures and manicures with rhinestones, and more!
  2. Post-break-up hair trends will be edgy, visible, and vibrant, with people experimenting with color, unique styles, and bold cuts. Some will take inspiration directly from Star Wars and try out space buns.
  3. Nails will get a lot of love with people trying out unique acrylic nail designs and some nail jewelry as well. 

You can tell from the top beauty trends that the focus is on experimenting and being bold. People are tired of playing it safe and want to do something new!

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2. Top Fashion Trends

Beauty and fashion trends often go hand in hand. According to Pinterest predictions, 2022 is a year for being bold in unique ways. Some of the likely fashion trends include:

  1. The bejeweled theme carries over to fashion as well. User interactions indicate that the pearlescent look will be prominent this year, whether in clothing, décor, or nail art. 
  2. Conversely, the Goth will also be on the rise this year and it will become somewhat mainstream, which people delving into goth aesthetics even for their formal wear. 
  3. If Goth is invading the formal sphere, rainbows and sparkles will be the new version of ‘dressing down’. When people want to relax and just hang out, they will bring out all of the colors in the rainbow. 
  4. Checks will be in and will infiltrate everything from floorings to wardrobes. The trend is particularly popular with Gen Z and millennials. 

Just looking at these trends tells you that everyone is in the mood to uplift themselves and get out of the funk caused by a global pandemic. 

3. Top Home Décor Trends

If there’s a topic that surpasses beauty and fashion on Pinterest, it is home décor and interior design. Pinterest users love flipping old furniture, redesigning their rooms, and coming up with new themes for their homes. Pinterest Predicts indicates that the home décor trends are in line with the beauty and fashion trends. 

  1. Luxury and luxurious spaces is the name of the game. A touch of classy Hellenistic designs and some beautiful pearlescent fabrics will probably take up most of the design pinboards this year. 
  2. The pandemic has kept many people indoors so it is no surprise that biophilic décor is all the rage. People will itch to fill their living spaces with greenery and flowers. Instead of cut stems and pretty blooms, people will add small gardens and floral ceilings to their homes and offices. 
  3. More and more homeowners will want to create private spaces in their homes to event their emotions or to calm down after a stressful day. Music-themed, plant-themed, crystal-themed, and book-themed rooms will be very popular in 2022. 

The home décor trends aren’t really surprising. A lot of décor in 2022 will focus on calming the spirit, soothing the mind, and supporting emotions. You’ll find most of the Pinterest home décor boards focusing on creating a relaxing, positive environment for people living inside. 

4. Top Wellness Trends 

An enduring global pandemic has made people focus on their health and wellbeing more than they ever did. The Pinterest 2022 trends reflect that as they all focus on easy and simple ways to remain healthy. Users are also keen to explore energy healing and rejuvenation, which ties in nicely with the home décor trend of green spaces and rooms for emotional release or healing. 

  1. Energy healing is a big focus. People want to know how to protect their energy from negative influences and how to awaken their spiritual energies. 
  2. Flexercise is also going to be a big trend to help people get moving and exercise regularly. The focus will be on easy, low-impact exercises that deliver good results. 
  3. Millennials in particular are driving the trend of menstrual health, which focuses on becoming more aware of menstruation, related products, and general wellness. 
  4. Many couples and families have spent most of their time cooped together in one house during the pandemic, which has given rise to a few problems. That’s driving the trend of exploring boundaries, attending couple’s counseling, looking into friendship dynamics, and more. 

The focus is on improving the quality of life in all spheres, which can be done by surrounding ourselves with positive energies. 

5. Top Finance Trends

Pinterest may not seem like the go-to platform for financial advice but there are a surprising number of posts that can help people sort out their finances. The top finance trends include:

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  1. Turning a hobby into a profitable venture that brings in some side income. This includes art businesses, real estate, party rentals, and more. 
  2. In 2022, everyone wants some financial freedom and flexibility. Users will look for finance tips, investment advice, and even property investment tips on Pinterest. 
  3. Store décor and organization will also be one of the most prominent trends in 2022. People will want to make their store visually appealing to draw more foot traffic. They will pinboards that give them store décor ideas and collect inspiration from different sources. 

If you’re interested in any of these niches, you may want to explore Pinterest and invest some time in developing a strong presence there. Pinterest trends 2023 provide a good guideline to help you set up a good campaign. We’ll be back to this most next year to share some insights into the 2023 trends as well.

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