Oracle Aconex vs Primavera Cloud Comparison

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In this writeup, we are going to discuss Oracle Aconex vs Primavera Cloud Comparision. Oracle Aconex is a cloud-based operation management tool used to coordinate information and procedures between organizations on complex infrastructure development projects whereas The Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a program management preparation, programming, resource, and risk system that synchronizes Owners and Delivery Teams around common planning and scheduling information to decrease risk and improve the predictability of any engineering or construction project.

What’s the Difference Between Aconex and Oracle Primavera?

Oracle Primavera has a greater TCO (total cost of ownership) than Aconex, while Aconex has a higher rating (83/100) than Oracle Primavera (80/100). Customers of Oracle Primavera get access to ten more functionalities than those of Aconex (7).

Are you searching for a Project Management platform that is suited for your company? Buyers like you are concerned with the genuine total implementation cost (TCO), the whole list of features, manufacturer reliability, user ratings, and the benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we shall compare different software applications:

How does Aconex stack up against Oracle Corporation?

Aconex: If you’re unfamiliar with Aconex, it’s the most extensively utilized online collaboration tool for building and design projects in the world. They have worked on projects of all kinds and sizes with top landowners, building and project managers, engineers, architects, and experts for over ten years. In terms of retail and residential…

Oracle Corporation is a computing technology company that focuses on the development and marketing of device hardware systems and enterprise software solutions, primarily database management services. It employs around 113,644 employees worldwide as of June 30, 2012, and it has expanded its share of the software market via organic growth and acquisitions.

Compare Oracle Aconex vs. Primavera integrations, deployment training options, years in business, region, support, and more using the tables below.

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Oracle Aconex vs Primavera: (DEPLOYMENT)


3Bentley Descartes
5Drawboard Projects
6Microsoft SharePoint
8Oracle Content and Experience
Oracle Aconex vs Primavera: (INTEGRATION)


1Business Hours
224/7 Live Support
Oracle Aconex vs Primavera: (SUPPORT)


3Live Online
4In Person
Oracle Aconex vs Primavera: (TRAINING)

Who is the most expensive? Oracle Primavera or Aconex?

The software license, licensing fees, software training, customizations, hardware (if applicable), ongoing maintenance, and other services provided make up the real total cost of ownership (TCO) of Software Applications. When calculating the TCO, it’s critical to also include in each of these “hidden expenses.” We developed a TCO estimator for Aconex and Oracle Primavera.

The price of Aconex on such a scale of 1 to 10, has a free version. Aconex has a score of 2, which is much lower than the actual cost of the Project Management tool. Oracle Primavera costs $1,100 per user/year, and when compared to its rivals, the program is scored a 6 – about the same as the typical Project Management software cost.

In the end, Oracle Primavera costs more than Aconex.

Which program has more/better features?

Analyzing the features and operation of any enterprise software system is crucial. The software should handle all of your team’s protocols, activities, reports, and needs. We’ve evaluated Aconex with Oracle Primavera based on even the most critical and necessary Project Management capabilities to help you determine. 

Data Acquisition system, Project Management, Planning, Contract Administration, Cost Management, Documentation, Scheduling are all the features of Aconex.

Budgeting & Expense Management, Networking, Document Management, Issue Tracking, and Project Management are all features of Oracle Primavera.

Size of the target client

The program is flexible enough to fulfill the needs of a wide range of businesses and building projects. Primavera is best suited for large organizations that need to keep track of over 100,000 separate operations because of its high complexity and diverse functions.

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