Do Facebook Calls Show Up on Your Phone Bill?

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The short answer is no, Facebook calls don’t show up on your phone bill. You will not see the name of who you called or the duration of the call on your phone bill. However, if you use cellular data services to make those calls, they will show up as a data entry.

This means, depending on how your cellular service itemizes the bill, you will see how much data was consumed by your phone call on the date and time of the phone call.

If you make the call while you are on the Wi-Fi, you will not see any data entry on your bill at all. The call information will be present in your broadband internet bill but even then, the information will be presented as data consumed instead of a phone number.

So yes, your Facebook call is not visible on any bill. If you want to keep your call information private, using the Facebook app is a good way to do it.

However, these calls do consume a lot of data so if you’re on the cellular network, keep your calls short or wait until you have access to Wi-Fi before making the call.

If you have more questions about Facebook, consider exploring our Facebook Section for more information.

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