How to combine first and last names in Google sheets?

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Combing first and last name in Google sheets is an easy task if you know the right formulas to use. Otherwise, a user needs to spend hours individually covert two columns in a single one. There are two possible solutions to solve this problem; one is to combine with space between first & last names and another is to combine without any space.

Utilizing Concatenate and Ampersand function to combine names in Google sheets:

Method 1:

To have space between the First and last name you can use either the CONCATENATE or the ampersand function. In order to do this, you need to enter a formula in the formula bar and then type: = CONCATENATE(B2,” “,C2) in a new column within the same Google Sheets.

or use Ampersand operator by using formula: =B2&” “&C2 . This way you will be easily able to combine the first names of your cell A3 with a space followed by the last name of cell B3, resulting in having the full name in a single cell.

How to combine the First and last names without space in a single column?

Method 2:

Now if you are looking for a way to combine both names without space, just enter the formula: =CONCAT(B2,C2) in a new column. This will give you the resulting full name without space in a single cell.

These methods solve the hectic task of individually combing the first and the last name together in a single column, eventually saving time and increasing your productivity. You can easily use these formulas on any spreadsheet.

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What formula to use to combine first and last names in Google sheets?

You can pick from the “concatenate” function or the ampersand operator.

How can I combine several first and last names all at once?

You can do so by simply applying the formula to a column and then dragging it down till your desired column.

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