What is Google Nest Aware? (Everything You Need to Know)

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Nest Aware is a subscription service offered by Google Nest that allows users to access additional features for their Nest devices. Nest power users often find the additional subscription worth their investment as it lets them use the device to its fullest potential.

Nest is a collection of Smart Home devices you can use to control various aspects of your living environment. If you want to incorporate smart home tech into your home, getting a subscription is a good choice.

Nest Devices You Can Use with Google Nest Aware

The Nest Aware subscription is worthwhile if you have one or more of these devices at home or office:

  • Nest Cameras
  • Nest Doorbells
  • Nest Displays

You get the idea! The more smart devices you have, the more you will like the Nest Aware Subscription.

Benefits of Nest Aware Subscription

The paid subscription comes with a lot of perks!

These features include 24/7 continuous recording, 10-day video history, and activity zones!

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With Nest Aware, users can access their recorded video footage from any device, and can even set up alerts for when specific activity is detected.

Additionally, Nest Aware allows users to save clips and share them with other people. This subscription service makes it easy for users to keep an eye on their home and family from anywhere.

The list of features include:

  • 24/7 continuous recording and 10-day video history with Nest Aware 24/7
  • Activity Zones to customise motion detection
  • Person Alerts to identify people in the home
  • Sightline to quickly review footage
  • Time-lapse Day Briefs to view a day’s activity in seconds
  • Advanced audio detection to detect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Alerts when there’s activity detected in the home
  • Create and share clips from video history
  • 3-hour snapshot history
  • 10-day video history

These are just some of the perks you can enjoy with a Nest Aware subscription.

Is It Worth it to Get Nest Aware

Probably not. Most of the Nest devices work without one. But if you want to use these devices to their full potential and up the security in your home, Nest Aware subscription is worth the money.

Unfortunately, Google wants your dough and has paywalled several very useful features. For example, you can only download video within 3 hours of the movement being captured. Which can be tricky if you’re cozy in your bed or out drinking with buddies.

Disadvantages of Nest Aware

Like all technologies, Nest Aware has its downsides. Here’s a look at what deter you from paying for the subscription:

  • Expensive subscription costs
  • Requires a strong internet connection
  • Limited to five cameras per subscription
  • No support for third-party cameras
  • No facial recognition or audio detection

These are some of the challenges most subscribers face. Nest Aware has tiers as well. You will get more benefits from Neat Aware Plus.

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Alternatives to Nest Aware

Nest Aware isn’t without competition. There are several options available if Near Aware doesn’t quite fit your requirements. These options include:

  • Ring Protect Plus
  • Arlo Smart
  • Canary Plus
  • SimpliSafe Home Security System
  • Abode Home Security System
  • Scout Alarm Home Security System

We will go into more indepth comparisons in an upcoming post so be on a lookout for that!

We can conclude that Nest Aware is a useful tool if you’re concerned about security and want to make the most of your Nest devices.

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