4 Alternatives to People Search Engines like yoName

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Most people today have active lives online. They have social media profiles, blogs, and even share their professional information for networking purposes. That makes it easier to find old acquittances, friends, and even family members you have lost touch with. However, the Internet is a big place and there are dozens of websites to search if you want to find someone.

What is yoName?

yoName was a website dedicated to helping people find their lost connections. It was a free search engine that looked at different social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, Match, and more. The engine would track social media mentions by matching first and second names exactly. For example, if you looked for someone named ‘James Smith,’ the engine will find users across different social media platforms with the exact name combination.

Depending on which social media network it fetched the information from, yoName would also display other information like approximate location, age, gender, and business-related details.

What Happened to yoName Website?

We can’t find much information about yoName online. Running a search engine, even with such a niche purpose, can be difficult in a competitive market. It is possible that the owners of the company weren’t able to sustain it. We don’t know when yoName is coming back or if it ever will.

Fortunately, there are alternate people search engines available today. If Google or Bing search is too inconvenient, you can rely on dedicated people search engines for this purpose.

4 Alternative People Search Engines – yoName Similar Sites

1. Information.com

Information’s people search is one of the most accurate options, since their online database is continually being updated with the latest details. This means you don’t have to worry that someone may have a new phone number or email address that is yet to show up on a report; Information pulls from the most recent public records, so you can feel confident in their accuracy.

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Another thing that makes Information’s search stand out is that, in addition to the standard results (like criminal records, addresses, and phone numbers), it also shows you someone’s social media accounts and dating profiles – even ones they’ve created with alternate phone numbers or email addresses. While you can’t use them to perform a pre-employment background check, they’re great for personal use. And though you can only view full reports with a paid subscription, you will be able to perform unlimited searches once you sign up.


  • Up-to-date results
  • Unlimited searches with a subscription
  • Reveals social media and dating profiles
  • Includes results for alternate emails and phone numbers


  • Can’t be used to hire someone
  • Must pay to view a full report

2. PeekYou

PeekYou is one of the best alternatives to yoName search we could find. It is free for use and focuses on helping people find old friends, connections, and estranged family members by looking for their social media profiles. Users can find loved ones based on their name, username, email ids, or other such relevant details. The service uses innovative technology to scan over 60 websites ranging from news and blogs to social media networks.

While the website works best in the US, it has a fairly good global reach, which makes it a great alternative to yoName. We wouldn’t recommend this website for professional searches but it is perfect for personal use.


  • Services are free
  • Fairly accurate results
  • No subscription or sign-up is necessary
  • Global reach


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  • Limited details available
  • Most effective in the US

3. Pipl

Pipl is one of the most well-known people search engines out there. It is popular because the website works in most countries. Unlike other popular people search websites, it isn’t solely US-based. Users can find people by their name, username, email, or phone number. The company offers a free trial for five days but it is quite expensive and offers a subscription-based service. It is solely designed for professional use and not for reestablishing personal connections.

Pipl’s results are detailed, comprehensive, and fairly accurate. You can find information that is accessible through public records and even find social media profiles quickly. The website is popular among business owners, employees, and recruiters that want to find reliable information about their prospective employees.


  • Very accurate
  • Very detailed
  • Works in most countries
  • Social media linking is available


  • Not designed or intended for personal use
  • Subscription required
  • Very expensive

4. PeopleFinder

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Pipl, PeopleFinder is a good choice. The service helps businesses and recruiters conduct background searches and can scan all publicly available information. The service, while not free, is very affordable, which makes it a good choice for people who want detailed information without burning a hole in their pocket.

The initial information is available for free but users can pay for a full report, which can include phone numbers, court records, financial information, etc. This search engine has meticulously indexed data from different sources and can compile the information into one report. You can get access to the full report for a little under $3.


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  • Accurate information
  • Basic information is available for free
  • Checks social and criminal records
  • Affordable


  • Results can take time
  • Limited reach

You can use the search engines on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn for people search as well. While the information provided is limited to those websites, your query likely has a Facebook account at the very least. It is still the most popular social media website available today. LinkedIn is a great platform for employers and recruiters to conduct background checks on prospective employees.

While yoName is no longer functional, there is no storage of alternatives. Some of these alternatives may provide full-scale professional reports. Pick an option based on how much information you need.

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